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Hemorrhoids Cure and Prevention

Hemorrhoids cure is simple: you can treat it yourself. Despite the fact that the condition is irritating, aching, and painful most people don’t get serious in treating hemorrhoids and that is when it becomes worse and severe. It forms as a result of strain in the pelvic area, which usually causes the veins in or outside of the anal canal to swell up; thereby, causing hemorrhoids to form. But the remedies to the irritating hermorroids are within your grasp.

You can treat it by adding fiber to your meal. You can exercise regularly and get cured of the ailment. You can increase your intake of water be relieved from hemorrhoids sickness. The healing process is gradual. And developing a healthy habit is very important in not only hemorrhoids cure, but in its prevention as well.

What are hemorrhoids?

The swollen veins in the anal canal formed what is referred to as hemorrhoids. There are two types of hemorrhoids: internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids. Internal hemorrhoids are formed when the veins swell inside the anal canal. External hemorrhoids are formed when the veins swell outside the anal canal – near the opening of the anus. These conditions are both painful and common – a number of people have hemorrhoids but they don’t take it seriously.

Understanding the causes of hemorrhoids

Pressure on the pelvic veins. When there is too much pressure in or around the pelvic veins, the pelvic passage or rectal area gets tensed, leading the veins in the anal area to swell up, thus causing hemorrhoids.

Difficulty in moving stool. This condition can result into the increase pressure in an around the anal canal, which causes the veins in the tissue to puff up; thereby, causing hemorrhoids.
Pregnancy. Women can get hemorrhoids during the final six months of their pregnancy due to the intense pressure on the blood vessels in the pelvic area. The pressure to push the baby out during labor may also cause hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids cure

There are a number of hemorrhoids remedies, which are mostly home-based treatments and simple to practice, especially for external hemorrhoids conditions. Adding fiber to your diet is one of the excellent treatments for hemorrhoids. Fruits like apples, bananas, watermelons, and grapes are a good source of fiber. Also, vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, and carrot contain high dietary fiber and will make you visit the restroom with ease.

Taking too much water is another smooth, natural way for hemorrhoids cure. Drinking 8 glasses of water a day is good for your health; it helps balance the pressure around your pelvic veins and reduces the chance of hemorrhoids to form.

Another great remedy for hemorrhoids is physical exercise. Daily exercises boost your health and relax the veins around your pelvic area. You can walk for 30 minutes or do some aerobatics to not just help calm the swell in and around your pelvic area, but to improve your health and well-being as well.

If hemorrhoids are severe, a doctor can treat it by tying a rubber around the swelling nerves or scar the tissue to release the tension. If all these fail, surgery can be another option for hemorrhoids cure.

Who gets hemorrhoids?

Anyone can get hemorrhoids. It’s a common problem that attacked any person of any age. But older people, especially those above 50-years, are more vulnerable to hemorrhoids condition.


Take a short, steady walk and avoid prolong sitting

For pregnant women, sleeping on your side will lower the pressure on the blood vessels and by so doing, reducing the odds of hemorrhoids from forming
Practicing healthy bowel habits is also a good way to prevent hemorrhoids. You can do that by avoiding holding your breathe while passing stools.

Developing a health behavior, such as daily exercises and visiting toilet instantly when you feel the need, will cure your hemorrhoids disorder. Hemorrhoids cure is not a daunting task; you can treat the disease yourself – right from the comfort of your home.

Just be cautious of hemorrhoids triggers and take necessary actions to protect yourself from the irritating syndrome. Drink a lot of water, eat a lot of fiber-rich-foods, and avoid prolong sitting or standing. And when you start noticing rectal bleeding, leave all medication and rush down to a hospital to see a doctor – your condition is severe!

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