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The Comfort of Mother

June 25, 2012

Mothers are special blessings given to human and they are the source of its being. Right from our conception, our Mothers’ hard labor begins– toiling in conceiving and maintaining the fetus of their child in their womb. When a Mother gives birth to her child, after all the pains she suffered during the labor– the painful contractions, the intense discomfort, and the emotional strains and nervousness—a Mother feels relaxed and happy as she delivers her baby safely and lively. But that doesn’t stop there. The effort of Mother in keeping her child grows has just begun.

Nurturing– is one of the prime features associated with Motherhood and this include doing all what a Mother can to protect her child against any harm or moral vices that could disrupt his behavior. A new scientific study shows that nurturing a child early in life may help him or her develop a larger hippocampus, the brain region important for learning, memory, and stress responses.

The relationship between a Mother and her child is such a special one. A child is independent on his Mother; the Mother introduced him to the world (of course by the will of the Creator– God and the union of Man) and shoulders all the burden of her child’s care. When a Mother delivers, her baby suckles his food from her breast and he lives with that. A Mother saves that fresh, healthy milk in her body and finds it a blessing given to her by nature.

A Mother is a special creation that can sacrifice the last drop of her blood to her child. There are many things that a Father can’t do to his child, but the Mother can. The Father can’t wash the dirt of his child, but this type of task is part of a Mother’s responsibilities and she derives joy from doing it. A Mother baths her baby, washes his dirt, and changes his diaper. A Mother trains and educate her child; the education that no schoolmasters can. A good Mother is not just a Mother; she is a “teacher, adviser, and a great inspiration to her child”.
No mortal can love you more than your Mother can; no comfort can appeal to a child more than the warmth, comforting love of a Mother. Even when children deserve not to be loved, due to their delinquent behavior, a Mother always loves her children no matter what reckless behavior they fall into.

A Mother is a divine comfort given to humanity to add more love to our lives. Sometimes we fall sick or grow weary, but all that we need is our Mother’s warmth presence because her soft, tender skin is part of us. It’s our Mother’s incessant effort in caring of us that led to our cheering joy. The Mother’s comfort is a child’s success to live a life of worth and pride. While we dream for unlimited desires and rejoice, we know our Mothers ‘are angels in love’.

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