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Is Nigeria’s Haunting Corruption Brewing Revolution in the Mind of the Common Man?

June 25, 2012

Man of the Native God is a disgruntled Nigerian who hails from Lagos, and he is a common Man. He is not happy, apparently, about the political con game that is being playing in his country, especially as the recent news broke out from Abuja, involving a lawmaker, Hon. Farouk Muhammad Lawan, a long serving member of the House of Representative, of collecting a whooping sum of $620,000 (NGN 98 million naira) as a bribe to clear the name of the oil mogul – Femi Otedola – one of the staple “cabal” of the oil subsidy scam.

This sort of news is not new or unusual to Nigerians; Man of the Native God knows this too well. In fact, collecting N 98 million naira as a bribe is bitty, compare to the recent scandals that shook the country few months ago, involving the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Niger Delta, Atiku Kigo, of stealing N3 billion naira – of pension funds, and Arunma Oteh, the Director General of Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) who, on one count, alleged to have been spending N850, 000 on food every day, and on the other, purported to have spent N30 million naira during her 8 months stay at the Hilton Hotel in Abuja. Man of the Native God, like many angry Nigerians, got shocked at the Lawan’s news burst out on the Nigerian airwaves.

So, alias, Man of the Native God ended his decade long patience on the oft-repeated corruption scandals in Nigeria and concluded with a furor decision: to wage a war on National Assembly. “Nigeria! Nigeria!! Nigeria!!! How many times did I call you?” Man of the Native God asked the nation. “I don’t need an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (Topol-M or SS-18 Satan)… All I need is one working nuclear warhead. I wouldn’t mind transporting and delivering the package by hand to the National Assembly Complex: blow up that shrine of corruption and put an end to this geographical expression!” Man of the Native God reported to have said in his interview with the Punch Newspaper.

Why the Federal Government shouldn’t ridicule the plans of the angry Man is in two folds: first, because the resistance of this nature is new in the country. Seldom did Nigerians express their outrage in this intense nature. Second, because Nigerians of every ethnic and religious background are running out of patience about the country’s damning corruption problems. The recent protest that sparked the nation earlier this year, in consequence of the Government’s ploy of removing the subsidy on the petroleum product, is a clear indication that Nigerians are beginning to break their silence on issues. The event galvanized a nationwide strike and protest both here at home and abroad because of the cabals’ enormous scheme of defrauding over N17 billion on the phony fuel subsidy saga.

And instead of the government to apprehend these cabals – because they are known and because they loot huge sums of the country’s resources – it opted to put the blame on the common Man by increasing the price of the petroleum product from N65 to N141 per liter, removing the only subsidy that the common Man is enjoying. President Goodluck had the guts to defend the move arguing that the increments would serve as “palliatives” to the broken infrastructure in the country.

The event draws a roaring outcry, which led to a number of protests across the country. But, the drama turned out to be a win-win situation, as many of the Government’s ill-secrets have been revealed with the help of the internet technology and social media applications like Twitter and Facebook, causing the nerves of the poor masses more tensed, which led them to took to the streets in defiance of the Jonathan’s misleading policies and stupid agendas.

Corruption is almost legalized in Nigeria. The authorities have eating the nation’s resources deep to its bones, leaving the poor masses in despair and misery. But Nigerians must end their long sit-in program and begin plotting something. Some Nigerians are not ready to launch their plans, actually, but for the likes of Man of the Native God, nuclear-powered-revolution is on the card and when it finally launched, it would be more brutal than any other revolution in recent history. “I’m already synthesizing and enriching Plutonium-239 here in Lagos,” Man of the Native God bravely said. “Oh yes! If you like go and invite the IAEA and the UN Security Council… This country will hear a very Big Bang! I tell you my mind…”


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