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How to Use Facebook As a Muslim

June 19, 2012

Facebook is the most popular social networking site which is being used by millions of people of every race, gender, and religion: Islam inclusive. Muslims, however, need to be cautious of this social networking site not because the network is anti-Islam or hostile to it; but a Muslim should always be vigilant of their social world. To navigate your page lawfully, as a Muslim, the following are worth noting:

Be Time Cautious
Time is very valuable in all spheres of our lives, and Islam reiterates that very seriously. As a Muslim, you should know when to log on (time not in proximity with your five daily prayers); how much time to spend on (avoiding excessive usage of your time on facebook to interfere with your daily ibadah); and when to log out (ahead of your ibadah activities).

You Can Friend-request a Non-Muslim
Islam is neither a one-sided religion nor a bigoted one. It is an all encompassing religion that tolerates and invites all peoples from all walks of life. So, yes, you can send/accept friend request even from the Jews, Christians and non-believers. By so doing, you not only pave way socially for discussion, you also open a platform for online preaching.

Share Islamic Resources
You can update your page with a good hadith quote or a verse from the glorious Quran. Sharing Islamic resources like the fatwa videos, articles, and links of rich Islamic resources will be a great eye opener to many skeptics and hecklers of Islam as Islam is the most misunderstood religion on earth. No matter how small information you have, share it. Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessing of Allah be Upon Him) said: “the most generous of people after me will be those who will acquire knowledge and then disseminate it”.

Be Cautious of Your Female Friends
You have to be extra careful with your female networks. Be sure to engage with them in the things that are vital, reproductive, and informative. Its haram (forbidden) to be engaging in some chatty-romantic-play with women be it online or offline. And if you can’t avoid flirting with women on facebook, do not befriend them at all.

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