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Don’t Disrespect Your Mother!

June 19, 2012

“A mother is an Angel in love;” we must treat her with uttermost respect and refrain from doing anything that might hurt her. Remember that your mother is the one who breast-feed you, took care of you, and trained you to become the person you’re today. Don’t disrespect her. You’ll regret it. Hold her as what she’s: “that home we come from, who ran to help us when we fell, or kissed the place to make it well.” Below are 4 things you shouldn’t do to your sweet mother:

1. Don’t Be Rude to Your Mother
Why would you? Your Mother is the most precious gift you have ever had. All that your Mother longs for, from your pregnancy to your weaning period up to yourold-age, is your safety, happiness, and prosperity. Now, the only way you can appease her, because you can never repay her, is to respect her and love her back, obey her and show mercy unto her. By all means, avoid being rude to your Mom.

2. Don’t Speak Harshly to Her
Watch your mouth, son: you’re talking to your Mother! Words are very sensitive. When some one tells us bad words, it will hurts us in our hearts. You don’t want to blemish your Mother’s kind heart with bad words. When you talk to your Mother, try to talk gently to her, in the most respectful manner. Even when she says something that you don’t agree with, recall the way you talk to your boss at work or your girl friend at the dinner and apply the approach when speaking to your Mother at home. After all, your mother is greater than both your boss and your girl.

3. Honor the Words of Your Mother
Your Mother sees what you can’t see. If she advices you on something, listen to her very attentively. A Mother’s advice is full of wisdom; it’s always for your own good. Do not demean your Mother’s words and try to play smart. She might not know the latest fashion or the hottest club in town, but believe me; she knows, too well, what is best for you.

4. Don’t Lie to Your Mother
Lying is a big sin generally. But lying to your Mother is just an added insult to injury. Do not develop the bad habit of lying to your sweet Mom, who wants all the good things for you. Try to be honest to your Mother at all the time. When you tell your Mother the truth, she will offer a solution for you. It’s not just our Mothers who have the burden of responsibility on us; we, too, have certain responsibilities toward our Mothers and one of it is being honest to them.

It’s highly important that you remain respectful to your Mother. You should be kind to your Mother and lower your voice when talking to her. You shouldn’t lie to your Mother nor repulse her, disobey or discredit her instructions. At all the time, in every situation; you should always avoid hurting your Mother.


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