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Processes of Marriage in Islam

June 19, 2012

Marriage in Islam is a Sunnah; it must be institutionalize based on the exact Sunnah of our noble Prophet – Mohammad (Peace be Upon Him). If you want to get married in Islam, there are some processes involved. Drop the conservative service of riya’ (show up) and excessive spending that has no place in Islam. Don’t copy-cat the West by engaging into a long romantic courtship that’s in conflict with shari’ah. Turn to Islam! Heed these simple formal processes of marriage in Islam:

Love is the first step of marriage in Islam. A Man has to discover a woman he loves first, and the woman has to reciprocate the love back. Parents have no right to force their daughters into marrying someone they don’t love. Parents only need to give parental advice and suggestions to what they think is best for their daughters. It’s highly recommended for sons and daughters to take the advice of their parents. “There is no love greater than the love of the parents.”

When a man and a woman love each other, it’s best for them to get married. The Prophet (Peace be Unto Him) said, “There is nothing better for those who love one another than marriage.” The rationale behind love in Islam is that it’s best practiced, legitimately, in marriage and not illegitimately out of marriage, whereby couples engage in fornication that will only ruin their worth.

When couples are fully committed to marrying each other, a contract has to be signed at the present of the witnesses. The minimum requirement of the witnesses is two and they must be sane and adult. The guardian of the bride-to-be (which must be her Father if he is around or her relatives – her brother or uncle – if the Father is deceased or absent) must also be present for the contract to be valid.
The main objective, under this stage, is to make the marriage contract public. The Prophet (Peace Be upon Him) says: “No marriage can be made without the presence of a guardian and two proper witnesses.”

Dowry (or mehr in Arabic) is the compensation paid to the bride as a pre-condition of marriage in Islam. The Quran says:

“You shall give the women their due dowries, equitably. If they willingly forfeit anything, then you may accept it; it is rightfully yours” (Quran 4:4).

The compensation is in form of cash or some materials like clothing or accessories. There is no maximum limit for dowry in Islam but excessive spending, trying to show up that you’re rich, is haram. At the time of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him), a woman accepted a pair of shoe as her dowry. Another woman received a set of clothes as her dowry and the Prophet endorsed the marriage. The most important thing is that compensation must be paid to a woman as a gift of her loftiness, before a marriage is to be valid.

These steps must be followed by any obedient Muslim who adheres to the Islamic teachings and principles. Don’t frustrate yourself by adopting some bidi’ah (innovation) that will end up jeopardizing your marriage life. If you only love a woman, just make it known to her parents; pay the dowry and make it official by letting the witness signed the contract. This is all what it takes to have a blissful union that secures and harmonizes your entire life in this world.


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