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Bad Mother

June 16, 2012

So, how do you define a bad Mother?
Any Mother who defies the features of motherhood; namely, nursing, nurturing, comforting, caring, and safeguarding of her child is considered irresponsible and bad. Below are five characteristics of a bad Mother:

1. Carelessness
A bad Mother doesn’t pay much attention to her child. A bad mother is always careless about the diet of her child: she’s always careless to know whether her child eats or not, and she’s always reckless of her child’s activities. A bad Mother doesn’t know her child’s whereabouts – his friends, what he is learning etc. Any Mother who fails to give all the motherly care and support to her child is no good indeed!

2. Unmindfulness
While a good Mother is attentive and mindful to her child, a bad Mother is not. And this has a grave effect on the child’s upbringing. Bad Mothers are less concerned with their kids; they completely neglected their responsibilities as Mothers, as bearers of their own kids, and not as watchers over their ruin.

3. Uneasiness
Many psychologists believed that emotional attachment to our Mothers “provides the psychological foundation and, maybe, even the physical buffer we need to thrive in the world.” A Mother who is not emotionally attached to her child; therefore, may hinder his psychological growth, the research says.

4. Bad Mouthing
Mothers’ words have strong influence on child’s moral development. Not only are Mothers’ words encouraging to their children, their words may aid as a strong moral instruction to their kids. Our Mothers are our teachers who inspired us beyond what any school teacher or philosopher can. Their kind, soft words are motivating to us. A good Mother tells her child a powerful word of advice and encouragement; bad Mother insults her child with words of discouragement and contempt.

5. Abandonment
This is a stage which every irresponsible Mother is incline to reach; that is, the final stage of abandoning her child. After showing no mercy to her child, abusing her role by not comforting her child, and failing to take her uttermost responsibility in taking care of her child; bad Mother finally leaves her child.

Our mothers are supposed to be our models, teaching us good moral behaviors so that we fit well in our societies. Although, a child needs to be obedient to his mother in whatever instruction she gave him, it’s, however, a Mother’s responsibility to inculcate moral behavior to her child and this include giving him excellent care, strong emotional bond, and words of encouragement in the things that are beneficial to him. Any mother who fails to give moral guidance to her child is a bad Mother indeed!


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