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Abuja City: The Allure of Nigeria

June 16, 2012

Welcome to Abuja city: the center of excellence, the Africa’s paradise, the most alluring city of Nigeria. The city is well planned with modern architecture and mid-range tall buildings. Built in 1980s, when Lagos, which was the former capital, was overpopulated; Abuja officially became the new capital of Nigeria on December 12, 1991.

The city was gorgeously designed. Its roads network is superb – trouble-free to tour the whole city with ease. The city is decorated with colorful tree flowers and covered with serene whether to cool you down. Located at the center of Nigeria, Abuja is a landmark of unity in the multi-ethnic and multi-religious Nigeria. The city is a center of shopping and night out. There is no limit to what you can buy or eat or where you can go or what fun to catch. The city’s attraction, its soothing accommodation, and its beautiful landmarks, makes it the hottest destination for sightseeing in Africa.

Aside from its European style
architecture, magnificent fountains, and lush landscaping, the most amazing aspect of the city of Abuja is its diversity. Visitors can browse a Wonderland for roller coasters, have dinner at Drumstix, complete with pastries and beef roles, catch some fun at the Millennium Park, view some pottery at Ladi Kwali Pottery Center, grab a drink with friends at Ceddi Plaza or Orchard Garden, do some fun clubbing at Soho, enjoy a spa at Mcili and Breeze in Bloomsbury Plaza, and if you’re a golfer; the 18-hole green international standard golf course awaits you at the IBB Golf and Club in the city.

There are a number of shopping malls and plazas in the city. From the popular Banex to the wonderful Ceddi Plaza, AUA Plaza, Metro Plaza, Sahad Stores, and many more. You can shop for variety of items from these shopping malls and plazas, ranging from designer shoes, branded hand bags, perfumes, clothes, chocolates, and women accessories. There is also a new landmark of entertainment in the city – the Silverbird. A mall that electrifies the city with its huge 33,000 sq m of retail space and full of superb departmental stores, bars, restaurants, pharmacy, supermarkets, spas, beauty shops, food courts, and 12-screen cinema for movie watchers.

Abuja is the newest city in Africa. It has beautiful skylines and landmarks. Notable landmarks in the city include Central Bank of Nigeria headquarters, the Nigerian Presidential Complex, the Ship House, the National Stadium, the National Mosque and the Christian Centre, the Castle of Law, Aso Rock and Zuma Rock. Also, Millennium Tower and Cultural Center is currently being build, a skyscraper at 170 metres (560 ft) which, if finished, will be the tallest building in Nigeria.

Abuja is a beautiful city. Tourists come from different part of the world to enjoy the calm nature of the city, especially during the summer because of the city’s peaceful atmosphere. So, no matter what the nature of your tour is, Abuja city, no doubt, would be an exciting place for vocation.

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